Commuting in a
selfdriving vehicle

Commuting an a selfdriving vehicle might seem futuristic. But it is already reality. 2getthere is an innovator in selfdriving mobility. In Rotterdam the first route is currently in use, and being expended it needed some next level interfaces to fit the experience.

Effortlessly commuting to work

From now on business commuters can travel by self driving bus on the Rivium businesspark. Traveling is easy, you can request a vehicle at the busstop and the rest is taken care of.

Choose your destination before getting in

You always know where you want to go, but not nessaserally how to get there. That problem is now in the past. At the busstop you tap your destination on the screen. The vehicles automatically decide which bus is closest and what route is fastest. As soon as the vehicle is en route, you see the estimated waiting time on the screen.

A trusted stopbutton, but new

Got in a bus without selecting your destination? Or want to get out at a different stop? No worries, the trusted stopbutton is still there. And the screen shows you all upcoming stops. So you're always in control.


Mapped out from A to Z

Your journey starts before touching the screen. Thats why we closely reviewed the complete journey. From busstop until getting off. We also designed the route information card on the kiosk. In this way you can even plan you're route when the technology doesn't cooperate.