Woonstad Rotterdam

A digital home for Rotterdam

Woonstad Rotterdam owns and services over 60.000 homes and business spaces in Rotterdam and with them offer a home to a diverse target audience. For such an important mission, a good service website in invaluable.

Responsive pages

A warm welcome

The result is an accesible and guiding website that helps the Rotterdam inhabitants. Easily finding what you were looking for, no matter if it's requisting a repair or finding a suitable home.

strategy workshops

Everything starts with strategy

We started with a digital strategy phase. There we decided that Woonstad should give their customers the tools to fix everything on their own. The digital platform is the guide that understands your situation and context, and acts accordingly.

Guiding principles

Woonstad Rotterdam as a guide

Every contact with the customer is about service. And guiding is the way of Woonstad. The 'Question & Answers' panel is the most visible translation of this. This panel shows the most relevent questions based on the context of the current page. It looks at the subject, the behaviour and the personal situation of the user. The guidings principle can be found in every detail of the experience.

diverse rotterdam audience

Just as diverse as the city

Rotterdam is a city with many faces. This is also true for the target audience of Woonstad. From social renters to entrepreneurs: the website should be clear and inviting to them all. That's why we tested the concepts and designs thouroughly with some real people from Rotterdam.

Woonstad homepage quick actions

Doing what you're coming for

Nothing is more annoying than endlessly looking for the right information. That's why we gave the most important actions front stage. In this way 80% of visitors can directly do what they are coming for. And fix things like paying rent, finding a home or request a repair.

Customer Service flows

Easily fix things yourself

Previously a lot of service questions were handled by phone or at the servicedesk. Labourintensive and often not nessesary. On of the goals of the digital strategy was lowering pressure on manned customer service channels. With the new serviceflows, customers are able to fix things on their own. From finding general information to requesting repairs. Can't find what the're looking for? Then the guide or customer service is always within reach.

Woonstad design system

Visual brand system

A servicewebsite like this contains a lot of different types of content. Homes, news, questions and more. To make sure it all looks the part we designed a flexible designs system that works perfectly with the brand.

Woonstad Rotterdam Home flow