A playfull corporate website

Gaming platform Poki has over 30 milion montly players from around the globe. For a company where play is at the center of everything they do, the corporate page was lacking. So we designed a corporate website that fit their ambition, culture and growth. Al while upgrading their branding. Check it live.

Game on! Play trough Poki's story

Poki let's the world play. Thats something their corporate page should show. With a fresh and smart design we brought back the playfulness in every detail. Future employees, advertisers and game developers should all find their place. You can instantly feel the playfulness, ambition and culture of Poki while scrolling trough the page.

Playfull in the smallest details

The animated Poki ball takes you through the brand story, activating copy entises you to continue in a playfull way expected with the brand. You can find this principle through every detail on the page, making it a seamless story that breathes the Poki feeling.

Immersive on every screen

The story should be able to be told on every screen size. That's why we designed all animations and interactions in way they work everywhere, even the breakout game in the footer.

Award winning cooperation

A redesign of this quality you can't do on your own. Together with the Poki team we work tirelessly towards this result. Some we can be proud of. If we forget that for a moment, we can look at the Webby and Red Dot Award the page won!