Zilveren Kruis

A conversational salesfunnel concept

Zilveren Kruis

Healthcare in the Netherlands gets more complex by the minute. So a little help when finding your health insurence is always welcome. That was the idea behind this project for Zilveren Kruis. A conversational agent that guides you trough the funnel and options. Combining a smooth salesflow with a personal approach.

strategy workshop

Start with strategy

The concept could go anywhere. To choose the right direction, we started with a thoughrough strategy. We interviewed stakeholders from customer service, tech, marketing and branding. With this knowledge we organised a vision workshop to define the target audience, competitors and concept directions.

From concept to prototype

To validate if the end-user could work with the conversational agent we set up a usertest. With a preset storyline we guided the respondents trough the funnel. Combining various tools we recreated the feel of a real chatbot.

A real conversation

During the test a colleague played the role of conversational agent. Following a predefined script het chatted live with the respondents in another room. In this way it felt like a real chatbot for the user. A great way to test the hybride interface.

Internal pitchdeck

The final deliverable of this project was an extensive pitchdeck. With these slides the Zilveren Kruis managers could sell the idea within the organisation. Including feedback of customers, a cost estimate and our recommendations they have all the tools at hand to communicate the concept clearly and create a business case.