An ultimate shopping experience

Wehkamp is the online department store for Dutch families. We helped them realise a complete make-over. A new look-and-feel, a modernized core shopping experience and a brand new check-out flow deliverd a stonger brand experience and superb conversion

Made for families

Making the life of Dutch families easier and more beautifull. That is Wehkamps mission. The brand should not only feel as thé department store for families, but also grow within that target group. And mainly focused on the women within the families: the mothers. So it was about time for a rebranding!

Alles mobile first

Everything mobile first

More then 50% of visitors views the website on their smartphone. A good reasion to design everything mobile first.

Een soepele shopping experience

A smooth shopping experience

You can now navigatie the website with ease. Also the presentation of the products has improved a lot. You can almost feel the fabric of the cloting.

In 3 klikken op je deurmat

On your doorstep in 3 clicks

From babyclothing to washingmachines. With the one-page checkout you order a product in just 3 clicks. And it's in your hands the next day.

Het nieuwe wehkamp voel je ook in de app

You can feel the new Wehkamp in the app

We took the learnings from the online shopping experience and put them to work in the app aswell. In this way the previous separate shopping and service app are all merged in to one unified experience.

Conversie door het dak op alle devices

Conversion through the roof

Mobile, tablet or desktop: conversion went way up on all devices. The app didn't lack behind either, the number of active users grew greatly on both smartphone and the tablet app. Al those conversionoptimizations were reflected in the revenue. 2017 showed a greater growth then the 10 previous years combined.

User centered design is de sleutel

User centered design is the key

Everything we designed is tested with real customers. In total we held 18 usertests with over 90 respondents. We also continuesly validated our ideas with A/B tests. In this way we knew for sure if the target audence actualy was happy with the changes. Because in the end the ultimate shopping experience for families was most important.