IKEA Family

Smooth signup for the happiest family

Smooth signup for the happiest family

With over 4 milion members, IKEA Family is the largest loyalty program of the Netherlands. Unfortunately a lot of those members are sleeping, and are not actively using their membership. Up to us to wake them up.

Easy peasy

For new members we also made it a lot easier. Signing up for IKEA Family should be a breeze. About time to redesign the signup experience thouroughly. Oh, and if we could do it within 4 weeks.

Instore research

Ask first, shoot later

Before we started pushing pixels we wanted to be 100% sure our design fitted the target group. That's why we started with research. Consistion out of a series of interviews with Family members and a journey mapping session. And we did a guerilla style test instore with my UX-research colleuge. The result was a huge list of opportunities with which we quickly got on the right track.

IKEA Family signup form

No more bumps in the road

Do you want to make a user journey intuitive, natural and smooth? Then you should take away any bumps you can find. We started with the sign up form. We shortend it so customers only need to give the absolute nessesary information. Once sumbitted a friendly and personal welcome e-mail is sent. With a fresh look and feel from yours truly.

Smooth landing

Also on the landingspage we took away the bumps. We made it more clear and userfriendly. And a fresh coat of paint to fit the new IKEA Family branding. The result, clear information and actions for the user.

Family Kiosk

Landmark in the store

The IKEA Family kiosk is a real eye-cacher in the store. So we also gave this interface a refresh. We simplified the signup flow and pass request flow. With the new kiosk you can automatically receive your digital family pass by e-mail or SMS. So you never miss out on Family discounts again. Nice!


Teamwork makes the dream work

In this project there was a close cooperation between design, research and copy. In this way we could make smart design and copy decisions based in research insights. A nice example is the communication hook at the Kiosk. During research we noticed IKEA Family is mainly known for it's free coffee and tea. So that's the first thing we grab new customers attention with.